What is the best way to help a new (or newly promoted) leader become effective immediately? The McEachern Group will walk your new executive through a highly individualized process designed to clarify roles, identify ways to gather data, inspire team loyalty and cohesion, and provide methods to effectively communicate mission, direction, and values.

Over a 4-6 month period, your new executive will progress through the following phases:


Through our in-depth assessment process, the executive will gain an accurate and personal understanding of the environment, culture, processes, and challenges in his or her new area. They will also acquire a balanced view of the culture, performance history, and political landscape of their team and of the organization as a whole.


Combining self-knowledge with an understanding of organizational realities and required communication tools, the new executive will begin developing and committing to specific action plans for establishing a leadership presence and achieving early success with key initiatives. Involving managers, colleagues, and teams as appropriate, the executive begins the process of creating short-term and long-term development and action plan goals.


Aiming for early and widespread buy-in to the client’s strategy and its execution, the executive works with his or her team to achieve concrete business goals. He or she will obtain regular input from stakeholders about development and action plan criteria.


The executive continues to participate in a number of learning activities identified in the development plan. He or she will participate in a reassessment and feedback process designed to help pinpoint, both quantitatively and qualitatively, where they are achieving the desired developmental goals and business outcomes.

The on-boarding coaching process will:

  • Clarify or develop organizational/team vision and mission
  • Gain consensus on team goals, objectives, and priorities
  • Determine what leader and team success looks like (short and long term)
  • Clarify roles for specific leader and critical team members
  • Discuss perceived strengths, talents, weaknesses, and common operating behavior values of the new leader and team members
  • Share appropriate personal insights and interests to facilitate the building of an effective team