Individual Development

Every seasoned leader realizes that in order to progress, he or she must continue to grow and understand the impact of change. The McEachern Group provides tools to help leaders stay in touch with themselves and their environment.

The McEachern Group’s four-step process brings a logical, systematic, and results-driven approach to coaching individuals in critical roles. Specific, measurable outcomes for the process are identified up front, in collaboration with the individual and the organization.

Over a 4-6 month period, your leader will progress through the following phases.


Through our in-depth assessment process, the client gains an accurate and personal understanding of his or her leadership strengths and abilities, as well as the areas which needs developing. The client also acquires a balanced view of factors influencing success in the organization’s business environment and culture.


Combining self-knowledge with an understanding of organizational realities and objectives, the client starts the development and commitment to specific, behavior-based plans to correct counterproductive behavior, accelerate leadership capability, and reach critical milestones. Involving managers, colleagues, and teams as appropriate, the client creates short-term and long-term development and action plan goals.


The client finalizes and begins executing his or her development action plans in the context of business strategy and goals, with checkpoints for obtaining input and assessing progress against specific criteria.


The client continues participating in a number of learning activities identified on the development plan. He or she participates in a reassessment and feedback process that pinpoints, both quantitatively and qualitatively, where the client is achieving the desired professional goals and business outcomes.

When you incorporate Individual Development Coaching into a portfolio of planned leadership development, here are some of the expected results:

  • Clear understanding of your role and expectations of the organization and your team
  • Identification of roadblocks to leadership success and the strategies needed to overcome them
  • Growth of the quality and quantity of your leadership talent
  • Leadership capacity, desire, capabilities, motivation, and commitment to play the required instrumental role in growing the business and the human capital
  • Established metrics needed to gauge the overall effectiveness and success related to leadership development