High Potential

High performing leaders all have several key capabilities in common, including the ability to:

  • Lead strategically, tactically, and globally in order to produce business results
  • Understand and utilize emotional intelligence and develop methods to inspire individuals and teams
  • Determine strategies to influence business growth and build customer loyalty
  • Become an organizational catalyst for knowledge management and new concept management
  • Understand the concept of continuous learning and develop methods to improve knowledge, insights, and talents in terms of enterprise-wide leadership

We tailor The McEachern Group’s four-step coaching process to focus on fostering these capabilities.

Over a 6-8 month period, your high potential employee will progress through the following phases:


High potential employees start by recieving an accurate and personal understanding of their leadership strengths and abilities, as well as the areas they need to develop, through our in-depth assessment process.


With this new self-knowledge and understanding of personal and key organizational objectives, the employee will begin developing and committing to specific, behavior-based action plans to accelerate leadership capability and achieve business results.


The employee then finalizes and starts executing his or her development plan in the context of business strategy and goals, with established checkpoints for assessing progress against pre-determined criteria.


An ongoing review and feedback process helps the employee pinpoint, both quantitatively and qualitatively, how well he or she is achieving the desired professional goals and business results.