Professional Coaching

People or organizations that invest in leadership are guaranteed a return on investment.

The McEachern Group offers customized leadership coaching services that meet the needs of the organization and individual leader.

Our four-step process brings a logical, systematic, and results-driven approach to executive coaching. Specific, measurable outcomes are identified at the outset—in collaboration with the individual being coached and organizational objectives.

Insightful Leadership Coaching Structure

We modify this highly effective process to address the differing needs of each client: the high-potential individual, the new executive, the seasoned leader, and the diverse individual.

In each instance we follow the four steps—Observation, Insight, Decision, and Action—but the focus and direction changes to conform to your needs.

The McEachern Group believes no person or situation is the same. Therefore, the importance of intimacy (trust and candor between coach and individual) is critical. It is the outcome of the intimacy assessment that creates “Insightful Leadership.”

High Potential Coaching

High performing leaders all possess several key capabilities. The McEachern Group’s four-step coaching process will identify these capabilities, reveal ways to leverage them for greater effectiveness, and help prepare individuals to meet future opportunities. [Learn More]

On-Boarding Coaching

What is the best way to help a new (or newly promoted) leader become effective immediately? The McEachern Group will walk your new executive through a highly individualized process designed to clarify roles, identify ways to gather data, inspire team loyalty and cohesion, and provide methods to effectively communicate mission, direction, and values. [Learn More]

Individual Development Coaching

Every seasoned leader realizes that in order to progress, he or she must continue to grow and understand the impact of change. The McEachern Group provides tools to help leaders stay in touch with themselves and their environment. [Learn More]