Inspirational Speaking

often arrives dramatically and then quickly departs—leaving the rah-rah conference attendee less motivated than before.

Inspiration, on the other hand, never leaves—it quietly becomes an essential part of how an individual views the world.

The McEachern Group creates lasting change through keen insight, clear and open communication, and
practical suggestions for change.

No canned speeches. We tailor each engagement to suit your needs. Every speech, however, will center on empowerment and developing personal power and accountability.

Using an external resource for inspirational speeches allows successful internal leaders to be ‘modeled’ with out feeling like they are tooting their own horn.

Although highly skilled and motivated, internal leaders are not always experienced or comfortable with public speaking. A potentially embarrassing scenario can be avoided by taking advantage of Hector McEachern’s skill for inspiring others.

Mr. McEachern uses anecdotes from his own experiences to inspire a conviction that success is possible and to effectively convey what steps an audience can take to experience success—while being interesting, concise, and impactful.

Let The McEachern Group construct a tailored and insightful presentation that will resonate with its audience for years to come.

Hector McEachern particularly enjoys speaking on the following topics:

  • Conquering change
  • Not assuming the victim’s role
  • Performance, image, and exposure
  • Building a personal ‘brand’

But he would be happy to speak on a variety of other topics. Feel free to email him to discuss your needs.

What our clients say:

“When speaking, he pushes all the right buttons.”


“Hector is so gifted at engaging a large room. He can connect at the individual level and make people feel like they are being heard. He has a high degree of integrity and uses a common sense approach, while placing emphasis on people and relationships. I would describe Hector as natural, engaging, charismatic and always a part of the solution.”


“Authentic—what you see is him.”