Inclusiveness Coaching

Many individuals, groups, and institutions are challenged with appreciating and leveraging difference. Our coaching helps instill self-awareness. It also provides tools to help individuals use their difference to impact the workplace so that the whole team, group, or organization becomes more effective.

Understanding difference and appreciating inclusiveness allows an organization to be far more customer intimate—which is the key to providing good customer service and, in turn, to business success.

We discuss potentially sensitive topics like gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, economic level, and national origin in honest, open, and constructive ways—with the focus always on empowering the individual and the strengthening the team.

What our clients say:

“Mr. McEachern provides excellent diversity coaching. Because of his way with people, he can get into difficult conversations—regarding race, gender, and economic levels— without offending others. He is not preachy, there is no finger pointing. Feedback is honest, not offensive.”


“He is extremely non-judgmental, self-aware, and balanced and objective across identity groups.”