Human Systems Consulting

All work environments are made up of people. Effective HR systems acknowledge and leverage human behaviors, needs, and ways of working together—to the benefit of both organization and employee.

The McEachern Group will share its insight into leveraging human capital and help you apply the following guiding principles to create meaningful and effective human resources systems.

Your company’s mission and core values should be foundational components of the new HR system. Strong manager/employee relationships are critical. A commitment to diversity should be imbedded in each element of system design. All elements should also support corporate strategic plans, business plans, and financial guidelines.

Where ever possible, implement enterprise-wide solutions—while maintaining the flexibility needed to customize components to support different business unit requirements. Technology should be the process delivery channel wherever possible. Define what success will look like before implementing change. Measure results along the way to check your progress and adapt as necessary.

With those guiding principles in mind, The McEachern Group will help you build a system that effectively addresses the following processes:

  • Performance management and compensation
  • Leadership talent assessment and planning
  • Individual and team learning
  • Talent acquisition, selection, and transition
  • Employee commitment strategies